Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections

For added piece of mind for consumers when purchasing a used caravan or motorhome.

Mobile Motorhome Care are approved to carry out AWS Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections to provide a potential buyer with a detailed report on the visual and/or operational condition of the caravan or motorhome they are looking to purchase before they commit to buy.

You can expect the following from a Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection.

  • Inspection of the safety critical elements
  • Gas soundness check
  • Full damp inspection
  • Wheels and tyres (caravan only)

Along with this, it will also cover other important areas such as the operation of a caravan-mover which is often a deciding factor when purchasing and can be carried out a place to suit you.

Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections are aimed at private sales of pre-owned caravans and motorhomes and is not intended to replace a full service. Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections from Mobile Motorhome Care can help identify any hidden problems you may not be aware of before you buy which could if undetected lead to costly repairs.

Motorhome or Caravan Accessories

We are able to offer you a wide range of accessories to your Motorhome or Caravan. Contact us for a no obligation quote.

  • Solar panels
  • Tv aerials
  • Bike racks
  • Awnings
  • WiFi
  • Security locks
  • Caravan movers
  • Satellite systems

Anything else we can help you with please Contact us

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